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Yatra to India, come with us into the land of Yogis, Mantras and Sounds


Naad and Kundalini Yoga Yatra to India

Join us for a meditative journey into the land of Yogis. Experience the north of India and dive into the world of Mantras, Music and Meditation.

A Yatra is a spiritual journey with the aim to expand the spirit and the heart. Far away from every day routines, this will give you the opportunity to look deep inside of you. A Yatra combines studying with adventures and brings new insights and experiences.

What you can expect

This customized journey is aimed at everybody who wants to experience India and the Sikh, Hindu and Islam culture. We will dive deep into Mantras and their vibrations and dedicate time to learn and practice the Jap Ji Sahib (The Song of the Soul). We will travel from Amritsar to Rishikesh, Delhi and Agra, practice Yoga daily, have Naad Yoga classes, meditate and visit spiritual places.

We have the unique possibility to spent time with the Naad Yoga teacher Parvinder Singh from Amritsar. Besides the daily classes in Naad Yoga (Yoga of Sound), Mantra and Meditation with Parvinder Singh, we will enjoy Kundalini Yoga Sessions lead by Judith Ender. There will be time for relaxation and city visits for shopping and ayurveda treatments. We will have serval group excursions, for getting to know the people, culture and the beautiful landscape of the Punjab and the north of India.

We will lodge and eat in chosen places. In Amritsar we will live next to the Golden Temple and stay in his healing and uplifting vibration. We will visit Goindwal to practice the 84 Steps Meditation, a truly transforming Adventure! All meals will be prepared Ayurvedic and vegetarian according to the highest standards by our own kitchen team. On our trips we will travel by train and in our own van and will be accompanied by Parvinder Singh and his team.

Enroll until the 30st of November 2018 and get the Earlybird Discounts!

Registration and Information
Judith: 078 810 27 09

Parvinder Singh was raised in a spiritual Sikh Family in Amritsar. Already as a small boy he studied with the yogis and learned a lot about Sound, Yoga, Sikhism, Islam, Hinduism and Ayurveda. In his Naad Yoga classes he teaches the meaning of Mantras and Sounds in a poetic way. Parvinder’s work will let you directly experience the impact of the Naad. His way of teaching is deeply moving and inspiring.
Parvinder travels the world to share with People what he found in the Naad, he hosts Yatras and Teacher Trainings since more then 15 Years for international Groups in India. To his students he counts internationaly known Mantra Singers, such as Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa, Cherdi Kala and many more.

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