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Divine Union: Naad and Kundalini Classes

Naad meets Kundalini Yoga. A class series with Parvinder Singh & Judith Ender

The world is sound, Naad Yoga is the technique that lets you experience this and shows you how to make use of the power of sound for yourself.

In this classes, we combine Kundalini Yoga exercises with extensive Naad Yoga meditations. This is part of it:

  • Kundalini Yoga

  • Mantra and Mudra Meditations to activate the self-healing forces

  • Deep relaxation

Parvinder and Judith teach in English. No previous knowledge in Naad Yoga is necessary in order to be part of the course.

Divine Union: Kundalini- Naad Yoga Classes
1st of  OKT // 18:00 - 19:30 // Kundalini Yoga & Naad Meditation // Jio Abo or  35.–  Registration
2nd of  OKT // 20:00 -  21:30 // Kundalini Yoga & Naad Meditation // Jio Abo or  35.– Registration

Further Classes with Parvinder Singh Khalsa & Judith Ender
26. SEP // 18:00 - 21:00 // Kundalini Yoga Naad Workshop // Jio Abo + 25.– // CHF 65.–

Mantra and Japa Workshop with Parvinder Singh Khalsa
Jap Ji Sahib, the Song of the Soul
  29./30. of September 2018
SAT 09:00 - 17:30 / SUN 14:00 - 17:00 // Workshop // CHF 260.– incl. Japa Registration
SUN 30. SEP // 18:00 - 21:00 // Jap Ji Sahib Japa // CHF 45.– Registration
The Japa can also be attended without attending the Workshop.

So Purkh, the Song of Love 3th of Oktober 2018
18:00 - 21:30 // Workshop // Jio Abo + CHF 25.– // CHF 65.– Registration

Price for both Workshops: 310.– Registration
Kundalini Yoga Teachers have 10% Rabatt on both Workshops. Registration

Parvinder is also available during the day from Friday 28th of September until Friday 5th of October for private lessons.

  • Naad Yoga class

  • Harmonium class

  • Meaning of one's own spiritual name and mantra

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Parvinder Singh Khalsa from Amritsar, India started his study of Naad Yoga as an eleven year old. He travels around the world to share tirelessly his love and vast knowledge about the technique and healing power of Naad Yoga. In his workshops he conveys the meaning and the correct pronunciation of the mantras in association with meditation. Parvinder's work will let you experience the effect of Naad instantly. To his students he counts the mantra singers Nirinjan Kaur, Cherdi Kala and many others.

Parvinder and Judith got to know each other in 2009 through a happy coincidence. Since then, they have been offering Naad and Mantra workshops in Zurich and organizing a trip to India once a year. Judith, teaches Kundalini Yoga in Zurich where she and her Partner Sibylle Grillo opened up in 2012 the first Kundalini Yoga Studio in the city. Together with Imagine Academy she organizes the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training.