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A night of Japa with Parvinder Singh & Judith Ender


When the self talks to its soul, that is where you find the taste, the juice, the beauty of life. Yogi Bhajan

Jap is a special form of meditation that creates powerful changes in the body and mind by continuously repeating a certain mantra.

We will use the special energy of the Amrit Vela to tap into the healing vibration of the sound current. Parvinder Singh chooses the mantras and melodies according to the astrology of this specific day and hour. He will guide us through this experience with carefully selected sounds that will bring us deep within.

In these six hours will be reciting different Mantras and Sounds from the Kundalini Yoga tradition, everyone will receive a Mala from us to have an other tool to work with. 

Important to know: Yes, you can rest during the Japa :-) Even if you sleep your system will take in the healing vibration. Organize your self a transport, that can bring you home at this early hour.
We will close the Studio at 03:30 AM.

Parvinder teaches in English. No previous knowledge is necessary in order to join this Jap.
Price: CHF 50.–

Further classes with Parvinder Singh Khalsa
WE 19th of June // Immersion: Befriend your Mind // 20:30 - 03:00 // CHF 50.–
WE 3rd of July // Immersion: Vibrate at the 3rd Eye // 18:30 - 21:30 CHF 65.– 

Parvinder is also available during the day from the 17th until the 21th of June for private lessons.

  • Naad Yoga class

  • Harmonium class

  • Meaning of one's own spiritual name and mantra

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Parvinder Singh Khalsa from Amritsar, India started his study of Naad Yoga as an eleven year old. He travels around the world to share tirelessly his love and vast knowledge about the technique and healing power of Naad Yoga. In his workshops he conveys the meaning and the correct pronunciation of the mantras in association with meditation. Parvinder's work will let you experience the effect of Naad instantly. To his students he counts the mantra singers Nirinjan Kaur, Cherdi Kala and many others.