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Naad- Kundalini Yoga Immersion: Befriend your Mind


“Be your own master, select well the food you are giving to your mind." – Parvinder Singh

Mantra and Meditation are tools to give the mind nourishing food. Together with the physical Yoga practice, they form a powerful team, that helps us to reconnect with our essence.

In this Immersion we will practice Yoga, chant and meditate in the search of Shunia, the place of stillness within us.

Parvinder teaches in English.
Price: CHF 65.–


Further classes with Parvinder Singh Khalsa

FR 7th of June // A night of Japa // 20:30 - 03:00 // CHF 50.–
WE 3rd of July // Immersion: Vibrate at the 3rd Eye // 18:30 - 21:30 CHF 65.– 

Parvinder is also available during the day from the 17th until the 21th of June for private lessons.

  • Naad Yoga class

  • Harmonium class

  • Meaning of one's own spiritual name and mantra

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Parvinder Singh Khalsa from Amritsar, India started his study of Naad Yoga as an eleven year old. He travels around the world to share tirelessly his love and vast knowledge about the technique and healing power of Naad Yoga. In his workshops he conveys the meaning and the correct pronunciation of the mantras in association with meditation. Parvinder's work will let you experience the effect of Naad instantly. To his students he counts the mantra singers Nirinjan Kaur, Cherdi Kala and many others.