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Mantra Workshop: The power of Naad

Mantra and Naad Workshop with Parvinder Singh from Amritsar, India

The world is sound, Naad Yoga is the technique that lets you experience this and showes you how to make use of the power of sound for yourself. Naad Yoga is an intensive communication between soul and mind. Its healing effect affects the human being deeply within.

In this workshop you will learn the basic knowledge of Naad Yoga:

  • Hearing the inner sound

  • The chant and the music of Naad Yoga

  • The relationship of sound, health and meditation

  • Mantra and Mudra Meditations to activate the self-healing forces

This course is an opportunity to discover one's own harmonic sounds and to experience the effects of Naad.

Parvinder Singh Khalsa from Amritsar, India started his study of Naad Yoga as an eleven year old. He travels around the world to share tirelessly his love and vast knowledge about the technique and healing power of Naad Yoga. In his workshops he conveys the meaning and the correct pronunciation of the mantras in association with meditation. Parvinder's work will let you experience the effect of Naad instantly. To his students he counts the mantra singers Nirinjan Kaur, Cherdi Kala and many others.

Parvinder teaches in English. No previous knowledge in Naad Yoga is necessary in order to be part of the course.
Price: CHF 250.–

This course is recomenden as advanced training by prof. Training Kundalini Yoga Therapy at

Further classes with Parvinder Singh Khalsa
TUE 10th of OCT. // Naad Yoga // 20:00 - 21:30 // CHF 35.– 
WED 11th of OCT. // Japa Meditation + Kundalini Yoga // 18:00 - 21:00 // CHF 45.–

Costs for all classes : CHF 310.–

Parvinder is also available during the day from Tuesday 10th until Friday 13th of October for private lessons.

  • Naad Yoga class

  • Harmonium class

  • Meaning of one's own spiritual name and mantra

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